On July 24, 2010 was officially opened our new plant in presence of Federal Minister of Health Dr. José Angel Cordova Villalobos on behalf of President of the
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The company EQUIPOS DE BIOMEDICINA DE MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V., was born in March 1988, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This project, started at the beginning of 1986, answered to the need of satisfying some requirements of the healthcare sector which at the moment had the articles but in a low volume, since the treatments were relatively new, not yet fully used in our country, and therefore with high acquisition prices. The prime objective of the company arises when it decides to abate imports directed to the healthcare sector and transform them into a national industry, what would bring great benefits to the country and directly to the final users who did not have access to the treatments.

It is in this way how a project of manufacture of products for the specialties of Nephrology and Oncology was bred, focusing mainly in the development of the first one.

By 1990, Equipos de Biomedicina de México, S.A. de C.V. found in EBIME® the distinctive trademark for its products, being that same year one of the most important, since it is the preparation for its first release to the healthcare market.

In 1991, EBIME® retook the objective fixed back in 1986 and displaced its foreign competitors, having a greater participation of the market and generating a national wealth. The following years were similar to this one, considering that the sales doubled year after year.

Since then, EBIME® has expanded its product lines adding new products for Parenteral Nutrition, Hemodialysis, and Neonathology, aside from improving the Oncology line. Regarding the exports projects, some sales have been achieved in Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Cuba; nevertheless it is in countries like Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Colombia where the company has accomplished a more solid incursion. The following stage will be to consolidate Brazil and give continuity to the opened negotiations with countries such as Panama, Guatemala, Peru, and Argentina. With the passing of the years a politic of the company has been the reinvestment of the utilities generating a greater inversion and greater benefits for its workers. Since 1997 EBIME® has dedicated itself to increase its grade of national integration developing local suppliers, as well as investing in new machinery to make their processes more efficient.

Up to these dates practically all the product lines have a high production percentage in Mexico, what allowed us to cut off our prices and at the same time have resources to offer a better service. At the same time this has allowed us since 2001 to consolidate the exports to Colombia, Honduras, and Costa Rica.

Within our main clients we have public hospitals such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security in several locations of the country, ISSSTE, DDF, PEMEX Picacho, PEMEX Azcapotzalco, PEMEX Minatitilán. We also sell to hospitals of the SSA such as the National Institute of Nutrition, Mexico’s Infant Hospital, Mexico’s General Hospital, Secretary of Defense, Civil Hospitals in different states, as well as the Secretaries of Health around the country. In the private hospital sector we find Medica Sur, Sanatorio Durango, Sanatorio de la Beneficencia Española (Puebla), Hospital Santa Teresa, Hospital MIG, Hospital Mocel, Clínica Londres, Avance en Nefrología, and Hospital ABC.

An important fact is that at the beginnings of EBIME® the company was made up from only 3 people and has grown to have today more than 70 employees.

Nowadays we sponsor and participate in different congresses around the country, together with collaborating and economically supporting the country’s medical societies.

Best regards,

Mr. Manuel Corte Susarrey
Founder and Director

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